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At our care home, we're committed to reducing our carbon footprint and fostering an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Discover how our eco-conscious initiatives are making a significant impact.


Our Values

We are passionate about the environment and work to ensure our care home is as Eco-Friendly as possible.

Our Vision

Less waste. We ensure our care home produces as little waste as possible. To help with this we recycle our waste and send it to the eco-friendly anaerobic digester in Cornwall.

Our Mission

Energy efficiency. We use solar panels and biomass fuel to ensure our care home is using more renewable sources of energy as much as possible. Our staff also look to promote energy efficiency throughout the building at all times.

Electric Vehicle Charging On-Site

If you have family members visiting from outside Cornwall to see our residents, we may be able to accommodate their electric vehicle charging needs.

Given the limited availability of public charging sites in our local area, we aim to provide a convenient and sustainable solution for our visitors. Please let us know in advance, and we’ll do our best to ensure your family’s journey is not only comfortable but also aligned with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Care Home near Penzance

We are always working to improve our carbon footprint at our eco-friendly care home near Penzance including the use of biomass fuel and solar panels. Below are some of the other steps we take to be kinder to the environment.

Solar Panels

Our care home boasts 90 solar panels, producing 28kWh of energy daily. They power our daily activities, from cooking meals to running medical equipment. Solar panels are a crucial part of our energy management, and we're considering investing in energy storage for peak demand.

Biomass Boilers

Our central heating and hot water system relies on biomass boilers fueled by recycled wood pellets. These pellets act as our primary heat source and work in tandem with an oil backup system, ensuring year-round comfort for our residents while minimising our reliance on oil.

Biowaste Handling

Our commitment to sustainability extends to waste management by using paper-based products that can be macerated and disposed of through the drains, enhancing hygiene and infection control. This slightly increases water and electricity use, but the benefits for residents and staff outweigh these concerns.

General Waste & Recycling

Our team follow our recycling policy so that waste is separated and discarded into the correct bin.

Mixed Recycling

All of our cardboard, metal, plastic and plastic wrapping is recycled by our commercial waste contractor.

Food & Glass

Are separated and food waste goes to an anaerobic digester plant to create energy.


As a care home we require yellow bins, this biowaste is burnt in a controlled processer by the specialist biowaste contractor.