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Dementia Care near Penzance

We are a highly-rated care home with excellent facilities for dementia care near Penzance including our brand-new dementia garden.

Quality Dementia Care near Penzance

Each staff member at Courtlands Care Home is fully trained in dementia care and awareness. One of our Team Leaders is our designated dementia champion and is responsible for ensuring good practice throughout the home in addition to the experience and expertise of our Registered, Deputy and Care Managers.

Get Back to Your Life

We promote independent living and have designed the environment to be dementia friendly, including bedroom doors which look like front doors with different identifiable colours.

Excellent Quality of Life

We continually assess your care requirements to ensure you are receiving the right amount of care at the right time for your specific needs. With a focus on independent living, we offer many activities to ensure you continue doing the things you love the most.

Other Services

Dementia-Friendly Activities
Long-Term Residential Care
End-of-life Care
Alzheimer’s Care
Dementia Care
Elderly Nutrition
Respite Care

Our Services

At Courtlands Care Home we cater for a wide range of care needs. We have a fabulous purpose-designed secure, sensory and mobility-friendly garden around the rear conservatory to be enjoyed year-round. We regularly assess care needs on an individual basis and have a range of newly refurbished facilities available to ensure we can meet the care requirements of people with a wide range of different needs. 

Our meaningful occupation program ensures residents enjoy themselves in a meaningful way which will not only increase a sense of well-being but also promote movement and mobility. This is especially important for our dementia residents. We also offer help with nutrition and take care of all types of food allergies and requirements, as well as assist those who may need help eating their meals.

Our Values

Our Promise

Outstanding care for each individual is our top priority. We work to ensure the best quality of life for all of our residents at all times. 

Our Vision

Ensure all residents' care is tailored to their needs and regularly reviewed to always ensure a complete care package.

Our Mission

To provide help and support to all residents in all areas including nutrition, well-being, health and quality of life.

Our Process

Our initial process is regularly reviewed to ensure the right care is always received for each individual we support.


Book a consultation to learn how we could support you or your loved one.

Choose a Care Package

We will work together to tailor a complete care package suitable for your needs.

Begin Care

We make the process of beginning your care package simple and efficient.

Ongoing Care Checks

We will monitor your care needs to ensure the care you are receiving is correct for your needs.

Do You Need Residential Care?

Talk to one of our fully qualified care professionals to discuss your needs today and see how we can help.


What They Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see some of our frequently asked questions about dementia care near Penzance.

Costs are calculated on an individual basis depending on the type of care required. You may be eligible for some help with these costs which we will discuss in a consultation.

Yes, we have a wide variety of dementia-friendly day trips available throughout the year to ensure your loved one has the best quality of life whilst in our care.

We promote independence, our specialist care home is built to ensure your loved one remains as independent as possible at all times. 

Caring for a loved one can be a challenge, it's best to listen to your instincts and take into consideration the needs of the person suffering from dementia and if these can be met at home.

Our care home is a residential facility offering 24-hour care 365 days a year to people suffering from dementia. We have specialist facilities designed specifically to help people suffering from dementia. 

Respite care is available from a few hours to even a few weeks to allow friends and family caring for a person suffering from dementia time for a break or even a holiday.